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Dunstall Motorcycles
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Note: Only the last six months changes will be shown to save space.

22th July 2000
Added a rolling announcement bar to the front page.
Added details of a possible Dunstall Triumph to the owners register. Also two new Dunstall Nortons from Sweden.
Added a link to the International Norton Owners Association.
Updated the classified ads.
27th June 2000
Added a new sections describing the 500 Domi Racer, 650 Domi Racer, 750 Metisse Racer and the 1968/9 Dunstall racer to the race results pages.
Added a new machine to the Norton register and updated the details of a number of others.
Updated the parts listing.
Updated the links page.
30th May 2000
Added a new section to the machine details showing the prices paid at auction for Dunstall parts and even complete machines.
Added two new adverts
14th May 2000
Broke the owners register pages into separate makes to allow the pages to load faster, and to make it easier to find your specific make.
26rd April 2000
Added two new web rings and a simple geobutton to the front page.
23rd April 2000
Corrected the URL to Mats Larsson's Dunstall page.
18th April 2000
Added a picture of a Dunstall BSA Rocket 3 to the gallery. Added two new adverts. Added details of the Dunstall patents to the resources page. Added some links to some other Dunstall related sites I have found.
12th April 2000
Corrected two links on the menu block on the first page. Added two new adverts. Added a picture of Roy Stupart's 810 being restored.
24th February 2000
Reworked the entire site to use a new menu system. Updated most of the pages

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