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Fairing Bracket

This is a zip file containing a Microsoft Word'97 document that shows the main mounting bracket for a Dunstall Norton fairing. It has pictures and a description. It is 320 KB in size. Similar fittings were used on all Dunstall fairings.

Dunstall Silencer Identification

Part No Model Description Size
1100   Silencer adaptor for Suzuki GL1000 Accepts 1133 or 1135 silencers
1101   Silencer adaptor for Suzuki GS750 Accepts 1133 or 1135 silencers
1132 Power To fit 1.25" to 1.5" headers 51 mm long, 11.5 mm max dia
1133 Power To fit 1.5" to 1.75" headers - Honda CB400 51 mm long, 11.5 mm max dia
1134 Patent Decibel   70 mm long, 10 mm max dia
1135 De Luxe To fit 1.3/8" to 1.5/8" headers 79 mm long, 10 mm max dia
11381 Power For Honda CB750F1 51 mm long, 11.5 mm max dia
1139 De Luxe For Honda CB550 & CB750F2 51 mm long, 11.5 mm max dia
11391 Power For Honda CB550F1 & CJ250T 51 mm long, 11.5 mm max dia
1140 De Luxe For Honda CB400 79 mm long, 10 mm max dia
1141 Super For Honda CB750F1 81 mm long, 10 mm max dia
1142 Super   76 mm long, 10 mm max dia
11461 Power For Honda CB750F2 51 mm long, 11.5 mm max dia

Dunstall compared the silencers as follows:

  Decibel Power DeLuxe Super
Performance **** ***** **** ****
Noise Output **** ***** *** *

Notes For Norton Commando Owners

If you own a Dunstall Commando, or even just a plain Norton Commando, you may find the information contained on the http://www.captain.norton.clara.net/ pages to be of interest and use.

Fitting Instructions for the 810cc Kit

This is an article by Sandy Roca taken from the November 1972 issue of Cycle Magazine. It provides a detailed description on how to fit the 810cc engine kit, the tools required, and the potential problems you might meet.

Fitting Instructions

Exhaust Fitting Instructions for the Honda CB750

This is a reproduction of the original instructions on how to fit a Dunstall Power exhaust system to a Honda CB750.

Fitting Instructions

Patent Specifications

Patent 1063409 - This is for the Decibel silencer. © Crown Copyright 1967

Page 1 [PDF file 92 Kb]
Page 2 [PDF file 79 Kb]
Page 3 [PDF file 13 Kb]

Patent 1404158 - This is for another silencer design that I haven't seen before. © Crown Copyright 1975

Page 1 [PDF file 108 Kb]
Page 2 [PDF file 105 Kb]
Page 3 [PDF file 20 Kb]

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