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Fitting Instructions Dunstall Power Exhaust System For CB750

pic 1

Fit silencer mounting plates using the bolts, nuts and clamps provided, largest mount goes on left-hand side. Fit pillion foot rests to holes in mounting plates.

pic 3

Fit assembly to the machine, locating outside pipes first.
Remove the complete stock exhaust system. Remove the pillion foot rests.

pic 2

Fit the 4 clamps to the inlet tubes on the tail pipes. remove finned pipe clamps from stock exhaust and place one on each flange of the new system, making sure you put the clamps on the new pipes in the same order as they came off. Place exhaust header pipes into tail pipes inlets taking care to get them in the right order as per the photograph.

pic 4

pic 5

With bolts facing upwards slide one silencer onto the pipe. Rotate the silencer so that bolts locate in slots provided in mounting plates. repeat with other silencer.

pic 7

Locate both inside pipes into the flanges, insure that all four headers are fully located.

pic 6

Tighten the four finned clamps making sure that the pipes are fully home on the flanges. Tighten the four clamps on the tail pipe inlets. Tighten the two clamps on the silencer retaining bolts, taking care to get both silencers at the same height.
Fit one size larger carburettor main jets, this is necessary to obtain full performance increase. Fuel consumption will only increase when the extra performance is used. Larger main jets are not supplied with this kit but they are readily available from most Honda dealers.

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