Doing It: Dunstall 810 Kit by Sandy Roca

Taken from the November 1972 issue of Cycle Magazine.

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of Boston Cycles, where we bought the kit, recommended that the composition head gasket be replaced with a copper one. A copper Commando gasket will have to be opened up to match the 810 bore, but an Atlas one will fit directly because it has bigger holes to clear the spigots in the Atlas cylinders

Undressing the Norton is pretty easy. Do the usual: remove spark plugs, gas tank and carbs. (Unbolt the intake manifolds at the head and tape them back to clear things.) Rotate the pistons to TDC, loosen the tappet adjusters and take off the head bolts. Once the head is loose we come to a tricky part so read slowly:

If you leave the pushrods in the cylinder tunnels it's very difficult (read that impossible) to pull the head up and off to the side without fouling and bending the pushrods. So, push the ends of the exhaust rockers all the way up and slide the pushrods as far as they will go into the head recess (about two inches will still protrude) (7). Then pull the head up further and tilt it backwards slightly and to one side. This will give enough room to clear pushrods #1 & 3. Then tilt it just a bit to the other side and the bottom ends of #2 & 4 will clear the cylinder tunnels (8). Once everything is free, slide the head out to the side, and rubber band the / Webmaster / Last Updated 24th February 2000