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This section is provided for people to list the Dunstall parts or machines they would like to sell or buy. Items For Sale or Wanted will be displayed on this page for a period of 3 months maximum, unless you request removal. For security, we will show only e-mail, telephone and Fax numbers and country

If you would like to place a message, then please complete this form. You may include a small photo if you wish to.

 FOR SALE by John Caraway (USA) 11th. April 2000

I have a Dunstall 810 cylinder with very little wear. I have the followers, too.

 E-mail:-   caraway@jps.net
 Tel:-  916 920 1648
 Fax:-  916 927 2748

 WANTED by Ron Stupart (Canada) 12th. April 2000
Dunstall Twin Disk brake pads and seals for Norton 810 MkIII  
 E-mail:- rstupart@passport.ca
 Tel:- (905) 727-5449
 Fax:-  (905) 841-2748

 WANTED by J (USA) 15th. April 2000
Wanted Dunstall rubber for pegs / gear shift and handle bar grips...any condition considered  
 E-mail:- BZIMMER761@aol.com

 FOR SALE by John Leach (USA) 16th. April 2000

brand new glassfibre fuel tank (6 gal?)im pretty sure it fits cb750 fours k0-k5? Its never been used or been painted. Also rearsets, never been used, i have no idea what these fit but are in great condition! Both are genuine DUNSTALL items. If interested feel free to call or write. Items will be sold at best offer.

 E-mail:-   parts@cyclebarn.com
 Tel:-  1(206)789-8910

 WANTED by David Swartz (USA) 30th. May 2000
I am looking for brake pads and caliper rebuild kit for a Dunstall front end on my '72 Norton. The brake pads are round and about 1 1/2" in diameter.  
 E-mail:- dwswartz@mediaone.net

 WANTED by Peter Liechti (Switzerland) 30th. May 2000
Looking for a Dunstall two-into-one-back-into-two exhaust and a centre stand. Glad for any hints and helps. Bike 810 Commando Year 1971.  
 E-mail:- peli@bluewin.ch
 Tel:- 032 341 72 16

 WANTED by Tom Johnson (Canada) 7th. June 2000
I am looking for a windscreen for a 1967 GT fairing.Is there anyone producing replicas?  
 E-mail:- tomj@onlink.net

 WANTED by seandunlap (USA) 17th. July 2000
I am looking for a Honda 450 Twin / rearsets & exhaust  
 E-mail:- seandunlap@hotmail.com
 Tel:- 206/781/8816
 Fax:- 206/328/1490

 FOR SALE by seandunlap (USA) 17th. July 2000

Honda CB-350 rearsets $take best offer or trade for a CB-450 rearset

 E-mail:-   seandunlap@hotmail.com
 Tel:-  206/781/8816
 Fax:-  206/328/1490

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