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Dunstall Motorcycles
The History of The Company


Chapter Four - The Legend Moves On (1980's)

In 1981 Paul introduced the Dunstall Suzuki GS 1000 R. It had a race tuned engine with 10.8:1 compression ration, high lift cams, oversize valves and close-ratio gearbox. The exhaust was pure Dunstall, while the wheels were by Campagnolo, the brakes by Lockheed and the rubber by Goodyear. It of course had a racing fairing and seat.

The Dunstall organisation became a victim of the sharp decline in the motorcycle market at the end of the 1970's with its attendant drop on sales and profits. Paul leased out unused factory space to other businesses and finally sold the name in 1982. It died within 3 years. Paul Dunstall has since been running property companies from his home in Shoreham, Kent.

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