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Dunstall Motorcycles
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4* Site of Sites
Awarded Jan 1997
Awarded May 1998
SNIN Friendly Award
Awarded May 1998
This place is definitely a KEY SITE!
Awarded May 1998
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Awarded May 1998
Awarded June 1998


  • This site is a wonderful resource for anybody interested in British bikes in general, and Dunstall machines specifically
    Andrew Meissner from New York
  • Nicely done!
    Greg Nolan from Minnesota
  • Well organized and very good pictures.
    Kevin Jones from Calgary, Canada
  • I just stumbled across your Web site this evening and what a delight it was to see the information you have collected.
    David Tassie from Australia
  • This is a great web site and the most Dunstall info I have ever seen at one time. Thanks a bunch
    Andy Van De Griek
  • it's the most comprehensive and authoritative source of Dunstall information I've found on the web, and it's very well presented.
    George Banks
  • I'm amazed to find so much information on the net about my efforts and activities of 30 odd years ago. I'm also suprised to see how many people have visited your site
    Paul Dunstall from Kent, England.
  • Great job! What a wonderful site...very well designed and easy to navigate.
    Bonnie Schumacher, Biker Net Web Ring
  • Very nice, Very helpful, very informative
    W T Darrah from the U.S.A.
  • Excellent resource!
    Bill Chandler, Sacramento, California
  • This is an excellent site. I followed Road Racing back in the sixties and visited Brands Hatch many times, always paying close attention to the fortunes of the Dunstall machines. I will re-visit this site often.
    Peter Weale, UK
  • Great site. I'd thought these machines were forgotten.
    Kyle Disque, PA, USA
  • Great Site. Nice to see such a following for these bikes. I hope Paul Dunstall himself checks in once in a while.
    Nick Hellings, Alberta, Canada
  • This website is going to be of tremendous help as my brother and I will be undertaking the restoration of my bike this winter.
    Pat McGee, Tn, U.S.A


Médaille d'Or, May 1998
There are still sites on the Web that succed in conveying both a wealth of information and an overwhelming sense of the love of the webmaster for the subject. In this case the subject is the history of Dunstall Motorcycles from the 1950s to the 1980s. Visitors shouldn't expect cutting edge design or technology, but this site is well worth a bookmark anyway.
Classic Bike, July 1998
In the sixties the name Dunstall became something to reckon with in British production and clubman's road racing. The company's Nortons dominated, siring a healthy line of go-faster goodies for road bikes. Later, Dunstall developed parts for Japanese machines and hooked up with the UK's Suzuki importer to produce restyle kits for the standard bikes.

There's now an excellent website dedicated to this famous name from a once booming area of the British bike industry. Covering everything from the early British-based machines to the later two- and four-stroke Japanese-engined tackle, the site has original road tests, race results, parts sources and, crucially, a guide to identifying a genuine Dunstall.

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