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Dunstall Motorcycles
1972 Dunstall Norton 810 Mk 1


1972 Dunstall Norton 810 Mk 1

The 810 is a versatile machine that is equally at home in town or on the highway. Its about town performance is impressive without loss of flexibility its big capacity combined with light 395 lbs overall weight, provides effortless acceleration that will drag you clear away from other vehicles. Conservative performance figures are 12.3 second S.S. Quarter, 106 mph terminal and 124 mph maximum. The Mk1 does all this whilst retaining fairly stock appearance.

Brief Specification

  • 76mm Bore 806cc capacity
  • Light Alloy Cylinder with Spun Cast Liners
  • 10 to 1 Low Expansion Pistons
  • Lightweight Camfollowers
  • Re-worked Cylinder Head
  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • Power or Balanced Exhaust System
  • Decibel Silencers
  • Dural Silencer Mounts
  • Twin Leading Shoe Front Brake (Disc Brake Optional Extra)
  • 2.7 U.S. Gallon Tank, colour choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
  • Gearbox:- 4 Speed, Semi-Close Ration (5 Speed Close Ratio Optional Extra)
  • Overall Gearing 4.38

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