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Dunstall Motorcycles
1972 Dunstall Norton 750 Mk 2


1972 Dunstall Norton 750 Mk 2

This is a high performance about town machine giving excellent performance combined with good flexibilty. Its light weight, 390 lbs, and efficient Exhaust System produce 12.8 Standing Start Quarters and gives a maximum speed of 120 mph. The 5 (U.S.) gallon capacity fuel tank gives you well over 200 miles between stops and the optional extra Twin Disk Brake stops from 30 mph in only 21 ft.

Brief Specification

  • Power or Balanced Exhaust System
  • Patent Decibel Silencers
  • Dural Silencer Mounts
  • Polished Alloy Wheel Rims
  • Twin leading shoe Front Brake (Disc Brake Optional Extra)
  • Glass Fibre or Polished Alloy Front Mudguard
  • 5 or 3½ (U.S.) gallon Fuel Tank (colour choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver).
  • GT Dual Seat incorporating Read Mudguard and Number Plate (colour choice: Red Blue Yellow, Silver).
  • High Handlebars as illustrated, or Clip-on Racing Handlebars
  • Covential Foward Mounted Foot Frests and Controls as illustrated or Rear Mounted Controls with of left or right hand gear change for use with Clip-ons
  • Gearbox:- 4 Speed Semi-Close Ration (5 Speed Close Ratio available as optional extra)
  • Overall Gearing 4.84

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