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1972 Dunstall Norton 750 Mk 1


1972 Dunstall Norton 750 Mk 1

1972 Dunstall Norton 750 Mk 1 The 'Economy' model, being a basic Commando fitted with Dunstall Exhaust System and Decibel Silencers giving improved acceleration and top speed, it does of course have all the famous Commando features of isolastic vibration free running combined with superb steering. On all Dunstall machines you have a choice of "Power" or "Balanced" Exhaust system. Illustrated on the Mk 1 is the "Balanced" system. The "Power" System gives better acceleration and higher top speed than the "Balanced".

Brief Specification:-

  • Power or Street Exhaust System
  • Patented Decibel Silencers
  • Twin Leading Shoe Front Brake (Twin Disc Brake optional extra)
  • 2.7 (U.S.) Gallon capacity fuel tank. Colour choice: Red, Black, Bronze or Yellow.
  • Gearbox:- Four Speed Semi-close Ratio
  • Overall Gearing 4.84

The genuine Norton single disk fron brake will be a standard fitment on all MK 1's from approximately April 1972 onwards.

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