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Dunstall Motorcycles
1971 Dunstall Norton Tourer


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The tourer is an ideal machine for reliable high performance touring with a realistic luggage carrying capacity. With 4.84 gearing it will give searing acceleration combined with a comfortably high cruising speed, plus really good steering and stopping.

Specification (Cycle)

  • Norton Commando Frame
  • Roadholder Forks
  • Twin leading shoe Front Brake (twin disk optional extra)
  • Balanced exhaust system
  • Decibel Silencers
  • 3 or 5 gallon glass fibre or 4 gallon alloy fuel tank
  • GT dual seat incorporating locking toolbox, number plate and rear mudguard
  • Pannier cases and luggage rack
  • Glass fibre or polished alloy front mudguard
  • Colour options for glass fibre items are: Red, Silver, Yellow, Blue

Engine Specification

  • Bore 73mm Stroke 89mm
  • Capacity 745cc
  • Re-sphered & machined combustion chambers
  • Steeper valve angle (Inlet) 26½°
  • Enlarged hand finished and polished ports
  • Special H 18 S material valves 1 5/8" inlet
  • Bronze Hi-Dural valve guides
  • Special dual rate springs
  • Enlarged induction manifolds
  • 10:1 compression spun cast pistons
  • Lucas capacitor ignition system
  • Paired Amal 932/901 type concentric carburettors
  • Flexible forced oil feed to rockers
  • Wide heat range spark plugs
  • Output 68 Bhp at 7000

Gear Ratio Options

Four speed semi-close ratio

Overall Gearing
Ratio Max Speed
4.84 115 mph
4.56 121 mph
4.38 125 mph
4.15 133 mph

Five Speed Close Ration optional extra

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